Service public
Doctors, Nurses, Dentists...
: Cluis, 5kms, and Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms
PHARMACIES : Neuvy-St-Sép. 7 kms and Cluis 5 kms
KINAESTHESIA THERAPISTS : Maillet, 5kms and Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms
HOSPITALS, CLINICS : La Châtre, 20kms, and Châteauroux, 30kms
VET : Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms
Commercial centres at Cluis, 5kms and Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms
POST OFFICE, BANKS, TAX OFFICE : Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms and Cluis, 5kms
Children – SCHOOLS
Nursery at Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms
Kindergarten, infants, juniors and college in Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms
Secondary schools in La Châtre, 20kms, Argenton-sur-Creuse, 15kms,
     and Châteauroux, 25kms
University (IUT) in Châteauroux
Free daily school transport, door-to-door for kindergarten and infants,
     stop in village for Neuvy college and La Châtre secondary school
Local Businesses
Commercial centres

at Cluis (5 kms)
at Neuvy-St-Sépulchre (7 kms)  
Locating and Getting to Gournay
District Adminstrative Centre: Neuvy-St-Sépulchre,
 7 kms 

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the plan of access

Motorway A20,30 kms :
     Junction 17, Argenton sur Creuse
“AXE SUISSE-OCEAN” (RD927), 2 kms

     between Argenton-sur-Creuse and
Railway Station : CHATEAUROUX
     (30 kms). Leave Paris from the Gare      Austerlitz
Bus Station : CHATEAUROUX, 30kms,
      nearest stop Neuvy-St-Sépulchre, 7kms
TAXIS : Neuvy-St-Sépulchre 7 kms ;
     or Cluis 5 kms.
Bus transport on request by calling
     L’Aile Bleue on

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