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Public Digital Resource - 2005

The Gournay parish council
 wants to continue pursuing their policy of impro-
ving the quality of life in the centre of the village, already substantially redeveloped and approaching the final stage of its improvement programme in 2003-2004. Three new rental apartments are to be created in a former farm building typical of local architecture and 5 new dwellings are planned by the building department (OPAC). A playground and public areas will complete the village square.
The centre of the village having already been renovated – apartments, public areas, underground cabling, mains drains, extension of the restaurant, eco-tourism with the “Maison du Village” and the “Sabotier”, a fishing area and a signposted network of paths – the council now wants to take a new direction and encourage business by providing an attractive range of welcoming benefits.
A major body of disused

the former school refectory and showers (a total of 124m²), is currently available for development on the outskirts of the village.
The idea of redeveloping these premises has become firmly established.

After due consideration the local council has decided to breathe new life into this group of buildings by creating a Public Digital Resource.

The facility will consist of 5 offices fully equipped and furnished, with disabled access, toilets and telephone and high-speed internet connections.
The principal missions of the resource will be :
to make the equipment and facilities available to businesses, service providers, teleworkers, etc. according to the prevailing market requirements,
to allow everyone in the community free access to the internet and other digital technologies, thereby increasing the use of information technology skills particularly with reference to job-seeking, administrative processes and documentation,
the creation and training of groups including schoolchildren, under the supervision of a team leader.