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The Parish of Gournay is cur
rently autonomous, not forming part of a group of communes.

It benefits from low taxation. These low rates demonstrate a real commitment by the local authority over many years to attract business to the area.
The 16% Business Tax rate
 represents a key element in the decisions of companies
to move to Gournay. More than any selective and often symbolic financial gesture, this is a real long-term benefit allowing considerable annual savings.
Tax rate
 2003, compared with a departmental average of 19.71%
1. Built : Rate 9 %. Average Secondary road is at 19.87 % (in 2004)
2. Not Built : Rate 30 %. Average secondary road is at 36.44 % (in 2004)
A weak rate makes it possible to realize all the more considerable savings as the weight of the real investment is significant.
Housing tax of 12.4%
The average rate across the Indre for 2004 was 14.05%